Size Chart

Size Guide

Size Waist Hips
XXS 52-55 86-88
XS 56-60 90-94
S 60-64 95-100
M 65-70 101-106
L 71-77 107-113
XL 78-84 114-120
XXL 85-91 121-128

Taking measurements

If you are between sizes, we advise that you use the hip measurement as the more important one to choose the best fit. You may also want to opt for the larger size – menstrual undies have more layers in them than regular, everyday underwear – which makes their sizing run slightly smaller (the more absorbent the model, the more layers it has).

Waist – measure just above the belly button, below your ribcage. Refrain from sucking your tummy in – after all, it’s about finding a fit that feel comfortable 🙂

Hips – hold the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips

Additional tips:

Hold the measuring tape flat against your waist/hips, snug but not too tight (give it a little room, so that it doesn’t dig into the skin).

When choosing the fit of menstrual undies, it’s a good idea to measure yourself specifically at the time of your period. Many of us have a tendency to retain water at the start of the cycle, which may cause measurements to vary slightly over the course of the month.

Period undies Comfort

Size Chart

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Period undies Comfort

WIMIN period underwear equals certainty and comfort – every time, every month. They’re thinner than pads and absorb as much blood as 4 tampons. Made in the EU from locally sourced materials. OEKO-TEX ® – certified.


95% cotton, 5% spandex

Protective layer (PUL) :
50% cotton, 50% polyurethane

Absorbent layer:
80% bamboo, 20% cotton

Decorative insert:
89% polyamide, 11% spandex


Care instructions

Rinse in cold water after use, then machine wash with on a delicate cycle, in 40°C, according to the instructions on the label. Hang to dry.


wash cold
don't bleach
don't tumble dry
don't iron
don't dry clean

Our pillars of support


Period, spotting, post-partum or urinary incontinence - they protect and absorb whenever you need to be 200% sure you're covered.

  • Absorb as much as 4 tampons
  • Thinner than a sanitary pad
  • Good to use on their own or with a cup

How do WIMIN menstrual undies work?

absorb and protect

100% dryness and protection thanks to 3 layers of medical fleece and an anti-stain layer. Thinner than sanitary pads and highly absorbent - equivalent to 4 tampons. They will “save your butt” not only during your period - put them on whenever you need to feel confident and comfortable.

protect and support

Day and night, front and back, more or less intense menstrual days – no leaks. WIMIN undies can support other hygiene products or menstrual cups, or replace them altogether. Whichever way suits you best.

Nature-friendly and long-lasting

Kinder to nature (and wallet!) than single-use menstrual products – with good care, you can use them for years. Menstrual undies mean less monthly expenses, less waste, and greater comfort for those who care about the environment.

What are our undies made of?

natural cotton

pleasant to the skin, provides you with comfort and breathability

absorbent knitted fabric
external layer
lace gussets

Simple steps to make sure your undies last a long time

  • rinse out in cold water
  • wash with other laundry on a gentle cycle
  • hang to dry

Want to know more about WIMIN menstrual undies?

Can I wear them outside of my period?

Of course - whenever you need to! WIMIN undies will be useful not only during menstruation. You can wear them, for example: after sex, post-partum, with urinary incontinence, or for intense, sweaty training sessions. In any situation where you want to feel confident, dry and comfortable.

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How long can I wear them?
How many undies do I need for one menstrual period?
Does the absorbent layer „wear out” over time?
How to wash them?
Where are they produced?
What if my undies don’t fit me?
Will having these undies on feel like I’m wearing a diaper?
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