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About Us

Celebrating the uniqueness of every body

There is no body like your body. And no-one knows its needs better than yourself. WIMIN exists to support and encourage giving yourself the care and comfort you deserve.

Created for you, with you

We are a team of women, creating wellness products for every body.
The female perspective is ingrained in everything we do: empathy, inclusivity, sensitivity to the voices and needs of others are the values that guide our work.
We create, develop and test our products with the people we make them for (and that includes us - we don't offer you anything that we don't use and love ourselves!).

PS. The only labels we believe in are the one on our products.

Whether you identify as male, female, nonbinary - we support you in the journey to wellness and comfort in your own body.


We wouldn't have it any other way - everything in the WIMIN family is safe, tested, and cruelty-free. Our supplements are vegan, free from gluten, lactose and GMO; cosmetics - dermatologically tested and/or medical grade; our period undies, ethically sourced and sustainably made.

Tailored to your body

We carefully select and adjust the ingredients for ideal effectiveness + appropriate proportions for your body and physiology.


We only choose what really works in helping you feel good in your body. Caring for your wellness can (and should!) be a joy. WIMIN products are easy to use, practical and convenient - designed to take body worries off your mind.

Tested and proven

We use only tested, researched and proven ingredients and manufacture our products in a pharmaceutical standard.

Kasia Binert looks after and monitors the WIMIN brand

Natalia Stecyk head of the manufacturing process

Dominika Rećko turns product ideas into reality

Kenn Israel has been creating supplements for 20 years

How do WIMIN products come to life?

We listen to your health and wellness needs and together with experts define the possible solutions.
We search tirelessly for the best product formulas. We review and iterate to perfection.
We work with the best manufacturers and highest quality ingredients.
We constantly examine the quality and purity of our products.