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WIMIN exists to elevate your health, comfort and pleasure. Discover tried, true (and thouroughly tested) products made by women, for every body.

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Sex should be both healthy and enjoyable. This water-based formula with 98.8% ingredients of natural origin provides the ultimate hydration and protection.

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What is WIMIN all about?

  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Inclusivity

Wellness products for every body

We know what it's like to take care of a million things at the same time, while putting yourself last. We created WIMIN so that each of us can be empowered in making our comfort and pleasure a priority.

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Ewa, 34

Nice, simple and very convenient. The sachets are a great solution- especially when traveling. Everything I need in one product, plus the cool design. I don’t feel like going back to regular blister packs and bottles anymore.

Karolina, 28

I was so impressed by the results I got from the probiotics in the Microbiome set (my vaginal flora finally seems to be at peace!) that I recommend WIMIN to everybody

Anita, 31

I can officially say that WIMIN works :) Noticeable improvements in my SKIN - it started looking so much better when I took my supplements (relatively) regularly. Time to order another box :)

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